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Member Benefits & Responsibilities

Member Benefits
GHARRP was created as a Long-Term solution that helps smooth volatile insurance markets. Coverage form tailored is specifically for Georgia Housing Authorities, with a broad form that exceeds standard commercial policies. 

GHARRP helps Members place coverage at competitive premiums/discounts and reduces overall insurance costs. Periodic dividend-type distributions can be made to Members. Authorities do not have to 'bid' insurance when coverage is placed b GHARRP - we do that for you. The HUD requirement is waived.

Member oriented claims services are provided by dedicated adjusters from Gallagher Bassett. If you have a special insurance need, GHARRP and their brokerage team will work to find you coverage at the best possible rates.

Risk management services are available - we can tailor strategies to reduce exposures and cost.

GHARRP is owned by Member Georgia Housing Authorities and their related non-profits.

Member Responsibilities
Notify GHARRP of:

  • New Properties acquired
  • Properties deleted (sold, demolished, etc.)
  • Additions and deletions of vehicle
  • Additions and deletions of approved drivers
  • Changes in property values, at least annually - you MUST maintain your property values at replacement cost. GHARRP provides replacement cost coverage, so you need to value your buildings at replacement cost. GHARRP annually reviews cost to see if an across-the-board adjustment needs to be applied to reflect inflation, etc. However, members who upgrade their properties, etc. need to review their values to ensure they reflect current replacement cost, or you risk not receiving replacement cost when you have a loss.
  • Changes/increases in your contents coverage and Inland marine coverage. Computer, phone, and security systems, as well as furnishings in offices and community facilities, need to have a value established and reported to GHARRP so that amount can be scheduled.
  • The creation of an Authority controlled non-profit or a change to an existing non-profit. GHARRP can only insure housing authorities and their non-profit subsidiaries and affiliates that are controlled by the Authority (basically the majority of the Board of the non-profit must be composed of housing authority board members and staff). If you have a question on this call GHARRP's Executive Director to make sure you will be covered.