About Us

Georgia Housing Authorities Risk Retention Pool, Inc.

GHARRP is a member owned group that was formed in 1991 through the efforts of GAHRA.  GHARRP’s goal is to provide stable and affordable property and casualty insurance to Georgia Housing Authorities.  By forming a strategic partnership at a time when insurance was not available to housing authorities that pools funds and shares risk, the group leverages true purchasing power that results in a superior insurance program that benefits its members.

The needs of Georgia Housing Authorities dictate the coverages offered and the changes needed to address new programs in assisted and affordable housing programs.  As changes occur in HUD programs, different building types, and new risks, GHARRP is able to expand its coverage to reflect Member’s needs.

GHARRP is organized as an Interlocal Risk Management Agency (IRMA) and is licensed by the State of Georgia and is approved by HUD.

GHARRP is governed by a 7 member Board of Directors that are elected by the membership and come from member housing authorities.

GHARRP is audited annually by an independent auditor, it has an annual actuarial study done by an actuarial firm and every 3 years it has a Management Review done by an actuarial firm and submits that review to HUD.  In addition, GHARRP submits to HUD an Annual Report and provides the State of Georgia both quarterly reports and an Annual Report.

Board of Directors

Ann Dobson, Chair
Jasper Housing Authority

Angela Strickland, Vice-Chair
Brunswick Housing Authority

Jacob L. Oglesby
Augusta Housing Authority

Joe Thomas
Camilla Housing Authority

Brenda B. Smith
Dublin Housing Authority

Shirley C. Smith
Dallas Housing Authority

Mark Wright
Marietta Housing Authority

Scott A. White
GHARRP Executive Director