GHARRP Structure

GHARRP Structure

Insurance Coverage

GHARRP self-insures the first $100,000 of loss. By retaining the expected losses, GHARRP is able to pass along premium savings to its Members. GHARRP purchases reinsurance above $100,000 at a substantial discount. The first layer of reinsurance is placed with Captive Housing Insurance CO. (CHIC). CHIC is a Vermont domiciled captive insurance company partially owned by GHARRP which also help control costs. To further control cost, GHARRP purchases  stop-loss to cap losses in the $100,000 layer.

GHARRP also purchases certain coverages that are directly placed with an insurer, such as the Pollution and Boiler and Machinery coverages. In this way, GHARRP is able to provide these coverages more affordably.


GHARRP is managed by a 7 person Board of Directors elected by GHARRP Members at its Annual Meeting. The Board is reflective of varying sized of authorities in Georgia and meets regularly to review the performance of GHARRP, its finances, to approve any changes in GHARRP’s Scope of Coverage, and its general operation.

Day-to-Day management is provided by an Executive Director selected by the Board to oversee operations and remain abreast of trends, needs and changes in the insurance industry and in housing in Georgia. These duties include overseeing the contractor performing the claims adjustments, insurance placement, finances, compliance, relations with members and other general operational needs.

Insurance consulting and support service is provided by Arthur J. Gallegher Risk Management Services who advises GHARRP on the insurance market, trends and handles the placement of GHARRP’s reinsurance and provides the Certificates of insurance and other items for GHARRP.

Claims are adjusted by Gallagher-Bassett under contract, and their Adjusters work with Members on claims, estimating losses and work required, making the claims payments and working with claimants, attorneys and others in settling and closing the claims.

Risk Control Services are also provided through Gallagher-Bassett and are available to Members who would like a risk control specialist to visit their authority and discuss potential risks and needs and to do a site inspection.


GHARRP has some forms and other materials available for members review and use. Included are:

  1. Vehicle Inspection Form
  2. Playground Inspection Guide
  3. Contractor Insurance Guidelines
  4. Online Drivers Safety Video

If you are interested in any of the materials, contact the Executive Director by e-mail and they will be e-mailed to you.