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Operations Management

Please contact us to discuss site-specific plans and strategies to help control your exposure to potential claims.

Day-to-Day management is headed by Executive Director Scott White, who was selected by the Board in 2021, an experience risk management professional.  He oversees operations and remain abreast of trends, needs and changes in the industry and in housing in Georgia. These duties include overseeing the contractor performing the claims adjustments, coverage placement, finances, compliance, relations with members and other general operational needs.

Consulting and support service is also provided by Gallagher Risk Management Services who advises GHARRP on market and trends, and handles the placement of GHARRP's excess coverage. Account servicing is provided by a dedicated team who understand the public housing arena.

Claims are adjusted by Gallagher-Bassett. The Resolution Managers work with Members on claims, estimating losses and work required to get members' housing units back online. They also work with claimants, attorneys and others in resolving potential litigation against Members.

Risk Control Services are also provided through Gallagher-Bassett and are available to Members who would like a risk control specialist to visit their authority. Potential risks are identified through site inspections, and corrective measures to control risks can be implemented.


Billing, Drivers/Vehicles, Certificates of Insurance, Coverage changes:
General questions, including adding/deleting drivers and vehicles, coverage changes, COIs, billing, etc.?  Check out the FORMS page on our website.  If questions, please contact Carol Petty.  
Carol Petty, Finance Manager, 470.299.5276