To file a Property Claimcontact the property claims supervisor, Chris Poulin at or 630-282-0854. The Property Adjuster is Robert Harris, and he will follow up with you.

To file a Liability or Auto Claim, contact Adjuster, Keith Straw, at or 813-371-6866. If Keith is not available you can contact his supervisor, Doug Pedersen at 813-371-6865 or e-mail him at

Gallagher Bassett is under contract to GHARRP to adjust property, liability and vehicle claims.

To file a Boiler and Machinery Claim contact Travelers, 1-800-238-6255 or fax 1-877-784-5329 or email and give them policy no. BME11G185287TIL.

To file a Pollution Claim, contact Ironshore at 1-888-292-0249 (24hr claims no.), or 1-646-826-4814(fax) or email, policy no. 000739105, GHARRP.

Billing, Drivers/Vehicles, Certificates of Insurance, Coverage changes:

For general questions, including adding/deleting drivers and vehicles, coverage changes, COIs, billing, etc. contact Carol Petty,,  470-299-5276, she is in the office Monday through Thursday.

Questions, overall administration, problems/concerns:

For questions about GHARRP and its status, problems or concerns you might have, or other general administrative items, as well as requests on expanding coverage, contact Paul A Pierce Paul is GHARRP’s Executive Director and is normally available from Tuesday until Friday noon or generally by e-mail at other times.

2300 Henderson Mill RD, NE
Atlanta, GA 30345